BBQs are great Family fun, enjoyed with a Parasol.

by Andrew James Selmes

When you think of Summer traditions, what comes to mind, maybe relaxing under your Parasol with an Ice creams and enjoying a BBQ's?

It seems eating outside has become a hugely important part of British culture – industry statistics say around 137 million barbecues were held in the UK in 2019. Naturally we love BBQs here at and with more people having Holidays in the UK, the number of people investing a quality BBQ is rising. While barbecue wasn’t created in the USA, the country lays claim to be the modern-day home of outdoor grilling. In 2019, 1.36 billion US dollars worth of grills and barbecues were sold in the United States.

Our customer often buy Garden Power tools (Lawnmowers/Jet washers and Generators and add a BBQ to the shopping list!) and report that BBQ are great family events and bring us back together after the lockdowns, so we are expanding our range in July!  BBQs have a history across the world for bringing people together, from the earliest times, when hunters put a rabbit or beef on a stick over an open fire, we had BBQ. By the middle ages, it was a spit roast. In Japan, you can enjoy yakiniku, in South Africa the braai. And in every culture, it’s not just about the food. More than anything, using your BBQ is a great opportunity for a social event. We have a partnership with Parasol firm Tellus Tubular :: ShadeArt whom offer bespoke superior parasols for your home or office. When your enjoying the Sunshine, or BBQ food, make sure you have the best Parasol to relax and chat to your family/friends. 

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