Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.

Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.
Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.
Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.
Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.

Coffee Machine WMF 1100S for the Office.

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Professional Coffee Quality in a stylish Compact Design. Investing in a professional Coffee machine is a very smart idea. The WMF 1100S offers a variety of delicious top quality coffee and chocolate drinks at a finger touch. Ideal for locations with limited space and high standards, its compact design holds many premium features usually found on bigger, more expensive models. 

Base model 6. 1100S Machine. With Twin-topping basic Milk. (Water tank, 1 Grinder, preperation for double powder dispenser, hot water spout, click and clean, Steamjet. Plus double powder dispenser which is locakble.)

  • Optional extras: Please call or email if you want to add any of the below..
  • Milk Lance £30
  • For Fixed mains Water connector, plus WMF water filter, add £250. (You will be able to connect to the mains, subject to your facilities)
  • WMF Coffee Connect add £550 subject to machine model options 
  • Grounds discharge through counter £180
  • Lockable chocolate/Topper hopper add £140
  • Basic Steam add £120 
  • Free delivery and installation ✔️
Reliable performance and a long working life are guaranteed by the professional brewer, while the Steam-Jet gets every cup to the perfect temperature in a few seconds using the natural power of steam to ensure the best coffee experience. Ease of use and ease of cleaning are especially important in an office environment. Thanks to its intuitive touch interface and user-friendly Click+Clean system, the WMF 1100 S couldn’t be simpler to operate and maintain. Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 80 cups, there’s simply no more solid introduction to the world of professional coffee. 
Perfect for smaller locations with a big desire for great coffee, the WMF 1100 S delivers professional quality in a minimal footprint. It offers premium features usually found only in larger models, as well as a variety of customisation options.

BerwynLuxe Review: "Amazing Coffee everything, with this incredible Machine, offering hundreds of options to create your own unique drink. Fast and easy to use, with the option of using the touchscreen to store your chosen drink, made specifically for your requirements. These machines have superb backup and will be installed with an engineer at your office!  Our team have tested many machines and we feel these are the best (Note please ensure you read below space and install information, and terms of Sale.) 

Steam Jet: Featuring advanced WMF technology, the SteamJet warms every cup in a few seconds using the natural power of steam. So every beverage is not only served at the ideal temperature but also remains hot for longer, for true coffee perfection.

7" Touch Display: With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive design of the 7” colour touch display is easy to navigate, and you can customise the colour scheme and button layout to your specific requirements, making it suitable for both served and self-service environments.

LARGE WATER TANK: Despite its compact dimensions, the WMF 1100 S contains a large, 4.5-litre internal water tank with an integrated water filter. You can also choose to install a constant water supply, including drainage connection, as an option.

To offer you a high level of customisation, either or both bean hoppers can be replaced with an expanded 1100 g bean hopper, a 2200 g powder hopper, or a 1250 g twin topping hopper, allowing you to offer a combination of chocolate powder and another topping, such as milk powder. This is an option you’ll find on hardly any other machine in this class.
Designed for venues with an average daily requirement of 80 cups, the WMF 1100 S is the ideal entry-level model for providing professional coffee varieties.
ECO Mode
This energy-saving mode reduces the steam boiler temperature if no beverage is dispensed for 10 minutes, and therefore also reduces energy usage. When next needed, it only takes 15 seconds to heat up again.
Installation: Each machine is installed by a highly qualified technician, who knows how to fine-tune it to your specific needs, taking into account the type of water and inlet, your preferred beans, beverages, and more. Individual training on operation, cleaning and maintenance ensures your personnel and your machine work in perfect harmony. The result is the best cup of coffee for your customers, now and over the long term.  
Maintenance: Only a well-maintained machine can guarantee consistently superb coffee. That’s why your service technician will check your machine regularly and systematically, updating the software, and cleaning and descaling when required. Our proactive service ensures a long life for your machine, while keeping you compliant with health, safety, security and environmental regulations. The innovative WMF Coffee Connect digital platform offers an option for the efficient central management of your machine's, allowing you to view service information anytime, anywhere - paving the way to predictive maintenance


  • An engineer will install and set up the machine.✔️
  • Free delivery 🚚✔️
  • Limited stock, with 4-8 week lead times ✔️
  • Free Installation & set-up for your office.✔️
  • An engineer will save set drinks, and demonstrate the entire machine capabilities, plus show you the Phone App capabilities if your machine is compatable. ✔️
  • Stylish, sleek design with a clear touchscreen for fast dispensing ✔️
  • Free Warranty for One year✔️ (Parts & Warranty) 

Size and installation notes 

  • Width 325mm
  • Height 500mm
  • Depth 561mm

Power supply:

  • 1.9-2.3kw/220-240V 
  • Hot water output 90 Cups.
  • Recommended for an average daily requirement of 80 Cups

Machine Care: You must read and agree to below, before ordering. By ordering you agree to these terms and conditions.

You agree prior to ordering that your office has space and capabilities needed for the machine. IE Water, electricity, a flat strong table, and security for the machine. We can't accept a return if you have space issues, or no staff to accept the machine and installation advice from engineer. 

You may be liable to a fee if the machine can't be delivered, and installed, and we must say the machine engineer can't do more than one visit, so on the agreed date you must allocate time & space for the machine. You agree to regularly clean, and maintain the machine at all times and adherence to the manual, and use and read the operation manual prior to use. You agree to accept full responsibility and liability for the machine and it's drinks, and the use of the machine, and Berwyn Luxe cannot take any liability for any issues or damage from the Mach and or use. BerwynLuxe (Andrew Grange Limited) and it's partners will have no liability or risk from the machine, it's use, it's placement or any damage, costs, or any risks.

Hot water and or any liquid can harm, so you accept full responsibility when buying for the use of the machine entirely. Your team and staff, or anyone with access to the machine, and or office where the machine is used, and all must adhere to your health and safety rules. If you move or adjust, edit, change it in anyway you may not have a warranty. You agree to insure the machine, and we accpet no liability for theift or damage. 

We accept no risk or liability for the condition or taste of the drinks. Milk and or ingredients are your responsibility, and you should take care with drinks, milk, food items.

Water, and or chocolate and or water and or milk will need care, themp control and that you wash milk and or other parts to maintain the health of the item. We accept no liability for the use of the machine, and once delivered, you agree to own the machine and ensure staff are aware of the machine, it's use and process and risks. We accept no liability from any issues from anything made/used/brewed and or consumed or used from the machine. This item/Machine will need electricity and your acceptance of buying it means you agree to wire, power and protect it and anyone in your office, be they staff or visits or cleaners. If you sell the machine, you should ensure you train the new owner's. 

Access to the machine must be considered, and No one should be left at risk from its use. You just ensure it can't move or slipped. We accept no risk or liability for the machine, and Warranty is with the manufacturer, once sold, we will pass details to the manufacturer. They (manufacturer) will book your Installation and training on the day of delivery, and buying this machine means any required repairs and maintenance will be with you to book with the manufacturer. Any warranty claims and returns are subject to our terms, and we don't accept returns or refunds if you have not met any of the above conditions. We may work with manufacturer to organise a refund and return, but only for faulty goods. We do not accept returns if the machine does not fit into your office. We reserve the right to only refund and return if found to be faulty, and may decline a refund if the machine was bit used correctly. We are able to decline a refund if you have not kept to the operating manual, or you worked on the machine, damaged it, tampering with it or changes to any part of the Machine, or put the machine to extreme conditions. We will work with the manufacturer to assess any returns, and we use manufacturing reprot only as basis for any refund, and only issue refund if manufacturing firm says it's machine was faulty. If the report says the customer did not adhere to correct process or subject it to changes, damage, edits, changes, any excessive conditions, then refunds will be declined.

You may opt for extra warranty it care cover and this will be a contract between you (your company if necessary) and the manufacturer, and no risk or liability is with BerwynLuxe. Failure to maintain or care for the machine, its parts and optional items could remove your warranty with the manufacturer and stop any refund. Excessive use could also affect the machine, and stop any refund or return, or not training those allowed to use it, and thus this could stop or impact, delay or remove your warranty. Once sold from us, you should direct any operating questions to the manufacturer. 

No replacement and or refund of the machine if the machine is found by the manufacturer that it's not Faulty, And for a claim to have replacement you may have a fee to pay. No return or replacement if you break the Machine, edit it, change it, open it, remove items, or service it. No replacement if the original is not faulty, and you could have a service fee/cost engineering fee, Collection fee for returning items. 

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