About Us

Berwyn Luxe is a family run business that seeks the best Home and Garden Goods available for you, and we are committed to the best quality and design, and we test all our bespoke products. We offer the Bridgman Range of Garden Furniture, which is not shown on this site, so do call or email to discuss your requirements. (One client emailed us last week, and was very impressed with Bridgman's exceptional quality and design.) We are proud to have a record of continued success, and 100% of clients are extremely satisfied with our service and bespoke range. On each page we are sharing some customer reviews, and it's worth mentioning our Hyundai range is expanding very soon! (Free delivery on 100% of our Hyundai range is currently within three working days 😊.)

Free UK Delivery on all items.Call us on 07748 460732

E-mail     BerwynLuxe@gmail.com 

Given the UK Lockdowns, we are spending more and more time at Home or in the Garden so you can rest assured our bespoke Berwyn Luxe range offers the best bespoke variety and quality. Berwyn Luxe strive to support independent Businesses when we can, and always offer fast free delivery and customer care or advice if needed. Contact us for more information, or to ask any questions about our range, or to suggest lines you would like us to consider. 

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